The best marijuana stocks to watch? 3 For your investment portfolio

Can these top marijuana stocks be the right investment for you?

As marijuana stocks begin to see some of their recent momentum wane, investors are growing anxious. This concern stems from the past year of bargaining and how the failure of federal reform has led to a downward trend. With no further updates on the matter, many marijuana stocks have begun to experience pullbacks. Now, even though the sector is down, some have taken this time to find the best marijuana stocks to buy.

At present, many wish to see more consistency in the performance of the sector. Over the past few months, when a company picked up a wave of momentum, it didn’t last long. This market behavior makes it difficult for shareholders to take full advantage of this volatility. Yet, with everything going on in industry and politics, there are many factors that can help gain consistency. Right now, as many know, the focus is on passing federal cannabis reform.

Whether it’s embracing cannabis banks or ending prohibition at the rate the cannabis industry matures, change must be made. The cannabis industry as a whole, from the United States to Canada and other regions, is still quite young. Yet the speed at which the industry is growing has been unmatched by few other companies.

Investing in Marijuana Stocks 2022

For those who may be new to investing in marijuana stocks, the market is in a place where there is still time to profit. First build a list of companies that you think would be a good fit for your portfolio. Before you start investing, learn about each company and do as much research as possible. Keep an eye on the market to better understand the action that is taking place. Take note of which marijuana stocks are doing better than others. Once you find a good game plan, stick to it and trade your plan. Additionally, with the unpredictability of marijuana stocks, a buying opportunity could occur without warning. The marijuana stocks below are a few options to keep on your radar.

The Best Marijuana Stocks to Watch in 2022

  1. Agrify Corporation (NASDAQ:AGFY)
  2. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (NYSE: SMG)
  3. Greenlane Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: GNLN)

Agrify Corporation

Agrify Corporation develops precision hardware and software grow solutions for the indoor agriculture market, primarily in the United States. It offers upright farming units, integrated grow supports, and LED grow lights. As well as non-exclusive products designed, designed and manufactured by third parties. Such as air purification systems and pesticide-free surface protection products. Around the beginning of February, the company announced the acquisition of Lab Society. Lab Society is a leader in distillation and solvent separation solutions for the cannabis extraction industry.

Since September 2021, Agrify has been strategically focused on establishing the company as a global leader in the cannabis extraction industry. Agrify became the global leader in extraction solutions by acquiring four of the biggest brands in the industry. As the company continues to show solid progress, 2022 is proving to be a good year for Agrify Corporation. Hopefully this success will impact the performance of AGFY shares for the better.

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The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is engaged in the manufacture, marketing and sale of lawn and garden care products. Plus indoor and hydroponic gardening in the US and around the world. The Company operates through three segments: American Consumer, Hawthorne and Others. From December to mid-January, SMG stock was on a nice volatile streak. How the company continued to recover and rise, some believed that SMG stock would continue this trading pattern.

smg shares

Yet that was not the case for the company. Shortly after January 14, this marijuana stock saw its momentum and market position plummet. Since then, the company has continued to decline. However, amid the fall in SMG shares, some bulls did occur, but the company was unable to sustain them. Currently, SMG stock is still down, but some believe things could eventually change for the better.

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Greenlane Holdings, Inc.

Greenlane Holdings, Inc. sells cannabis accessories, child-resistant packaging, and specialty vaping products in the United States. As well as Canada, Europe, Australia and South America. At the end of January, the Company released its preliminary financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2021. On a preliminary (unaudited) basis, the Company expects net sales to be between approximately $55.5 million and $56.5 million. dollars for the fourth quarter.


And between approximately $165.5 million and $166.5 million for the full fiscal year ended December 31, 2021. The 54% year-over-year increase in net sales is primarily due to an increase sales of Greenlane Brands. As well as the KushCo merger. In addition, the Company expects gross margins between 18% and 20% for the fourth quarter. As well as around 15% and 16% for the full fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2021. With more to see from the company, Greenlane is still identified as one of the top marijuana stocks to watch.

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