Stream Data Centers launches a new investment vehicle

“A key element that helped us win, beyond our long track record of successful data center investments and development, was our people and relationship focus,” said Mike Armstrong, CEO of the practice of Stream investments.

Backed by an unnamed public pension plan, this new account supports Stream’s long-term history of investing in data centers and maintains its momentum in creating solutions to serve its customers, tenants, investors and partners. .

“We are very pleased to partner with such a well-established and experienced real estate investor who shares our perspective on the long-term appeal of data centers as an institutional asset class,” added Michael Wong, Director General of Stream Data Centers.

The new vehicle will focus on stable, modest value-added opportunities in key US markets where the Stream Data Centers team believes it can add value and manage risk through its center operating platform of data and its investment team.

Separately, earlier this month, the company announced the appointment of Stuart Lawrence as vice president of product engineering.

“I am very excited to join the Stream team, especially as we continue to grow and innovate rapidly. The strength and experience of Stream’s sales, engineering, construction and operations teams is unmatched. Being a part of that was a big draw,” adds Lawrence.

Work alongside Mike Licitra, VP of Solutions Architecture; Michael Lahoud, COO and partner; and Chris Bair, Senior Vice President of Sales and Leasing, Lawrence will support the sales and service delivery teams in ensuring that Stream’s product portfolio meets the current and future technical needs of its customers.

“In an industry where problem solving can really benefit from a level of creativity combined with deep technical knowledge, Stuart is a real asset to Stream. We are proud to welcome Stuart to our team, and we know he will fit perfectly into our philosophy of collaboration, both internally and with our customers, to great effect,” said Lahoud.

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