Slattery launches Soda, Australia’s new digital investment vehicle

A Soda spokesperson said Capacitythat the new structure “reflects an evolution that was underway within Capital[b] (Slattery’s former investment vehicle) for a while.”

Soda, which stands for Slattery Office of Digital Assets, formalizes the group’s strategic vision to focus on innovation and investment in three fundamental pillars across the country.

“Organizing Soda’s operations under three distinct pillars provides greater clarity of our direction moving forward, both for our team and our partners,” the spokesperson added.

The first pillar is SODA Infrastructure, which focuses on developing and investing in digital infrastructure in Australia and the Indo-Pacific region. Previous investments include Indigo, the 9,000 km undersea cable between Sydney and Singapore being developed with Google, Telstra, Singtel, Superloop and AARNET.

Oman Australia Cable, a 10,000 km submarine cable from Perth to Muscat, and HyperOne, Australia’s new $1.5 billion 20,000 km digital fiber backbone.

“I have always been drawn to solving some of the big problems in Australia’s digital infrastructure, having built data centres, undersea cables, competitive fiber optic networks, cloud interconnect platforms , and what I can see is that the demand for these assets continues to grow exponentially. . In fact, COVID-19 has further accelerated demand,” Slattery said.

“We don’t just need to catch up, we need to get ahead of the game to make sure we’re ready for this continued growth.”

The second pillar is Soda Ventures which will invest in and support Australian technology entrepreneurs and high growth companies looking to execute a global growth strategy. Part of that strategy includes a significant stake in FiberSense, an Australia-based company that develops vibration sensing and telemetry sensor technology.

When asked if this would also include mergers and acquisitions activity, the Soda spokesperson explained that Soda Ventures “will take strategic capital positions in innovative platforms and support these companies in their broader strategic initiatives, which in certain circumstances will include mergers and acquisitions and capital investments.

In addition, they confirmed that Soda Ventures will seek to support relevant companies in the “broader technology space”, which means that they will not operate exclusively in the telecommunications/digital infrastructure/communications space.

“In recent years, Bevan has acquired stakes in several ASX-listed small caps, including Pointerra (3DP), IntelliHR (IHR) and (RNT),” they added.

“Having built a series of startups over the past decades, we are fortunate to have a lot of experience in funding, building and scaling technology companies. Soda Ventures is a platform in which we can help fuel the growth of some of Australia’s amazing entrepreneurs,” said Slattery.

The third pillar is sustainability, an area that Slattery has long been passionate about, especially the application of technology in this area. The first project aims to create one million square meters of environmentally friendly reef. Slattery is working with universities on this project and aims to complete the research and development stages over the next few years.

Additionally, over the past 10 years, Slattery’s company, Biopixel, has built the Great Barrier Reef’s largest online digital video library and provides content to companies such as BBC, National Geographic, Amazon, Netflix and Discovery.

“One of the most valuable things about Biopixel is that we provide some of the most extraordinary images for storytellers who can help share what’s happening on the Great Barrier Reef,” Slattery said.

“However, what is less well understood is that Bipixel documents natural history over time and therefore we are able to see and study first hand the effects of climate change on the reef. thanks to our extensive library over the years, which helps us better understand what areas are more or less impacted and why.

“It is vital that we do all we can to secure a future for the Great Barrier Reef, both environmentally and economically. We must also use science, innovation and green industrialization on a scale never seen before.

Soda aims to become carbon neutral across the group by the end of 2023, through direct investment in renewable infrastructure with a first megawatt solar generator planned for the second half of 2022.

“I believe that if you’re speaking out, you should follow suit rather than whitewashing through dodgy ‘carbon credits’. I want to make sure we invest directly in renewable energy infrastructure to achieve net zero emissions in the world. over the next two years,” added Slattery.

This commitment extends to Soda’s current and future portfolio, including Asia Pacific Data Centers Trust, iSeek, Megaport, Superloop and PIPE Networks.

“Sustainability will be a key part of everything we do and will be embedded in our investment and portfolio management process,” the Soda spokesperson said.

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