Make an Online Loan in 6 Steps

October 8, 2019 by No Comments

From applying for credit release, learn how to borrow online in just 6 steps.

Here on the blog, we have several posts explaining what CGI is, how it works, why it is healthy credit, who can borrow, and why this type of credit can offer lower interest rates.

Now, if you have been with us for a while, you are “bald to know” what CGI is and you really want to find out how to get a loan online, this post is for you


How to borrow an online loan

online loan

We have prepared a walkthrough showing everything you need to know to apply for your Secured Credit online.

1st step

Access Mcredi’s online credit simulator , select “Secured Credit” and fill in the following information:

  • If the credit you want is for individuals or companies;
  • The amount of credit you need ($ 50,000 to $ 1.5 million);
  • The value of the property presented as collateral and the type (residential or commercial);
  • The term for payment (up to 180 months).

2nd step

Then enter:
Your age (it interferes with the calculation of compulsory insurance of any financing);
And choose the form of amortization .

Oops! One minute! Don’t stumble on the hard words!
Let’s pause to guide the way:

Amortization forms are:
PRICE is the system that keeps the monthly installment constant during the contract. Interest is higher at the outset and debt amortization is lower, decreasing interest and increasing amortization throughout the operation.
SAC is the system in which the monthly installment is larger at the beginning and decreases over the course of financing. Interest is higher at the beginning and decreases over the course of financing. Debt amortization is constant.

3rd step

Select the state in which the property is located (Mcredi accepts properties in the states of RS, SC, PR, SP, MG and Brasilia) and enter your name, phone and e-mail .
Ready: your simulation is done!

4th step

At this step it is time to sort and submit to Mcredi the documents that will be required for your credit analysis.

Remember that the online loan can also be contracted by Legal Entity, but to hire as an Individual you will need:


Personal Documents (Individual)

money loan

Copies of ID, CPF, proof of residence (up to 30 days), proof of marital status (birth certificate, marriage, death or divorce) and proposed form (received by email, completed and signed by all involved in the operation) );


Property Documents

money loan

Property registration and copy of IPTU cover .

If applicable, also present a declaration of non-existence of condominium debts (for condominiums), registration and property tax (for individualized garage) and updated debt statement (in case of Portability or Quivering Intervening).


Proof of Income

money loan

Bank statements of all accounts (Individuals and Companies) of the last 6 months (with bank logo and customer identification), paycheck of the last 3 months (accompanied by FGTS statement as a private company employee), Full Income Tax , with delivery protocol for the last calendar year of all tenderers participating in proof of income.

Here at Mcredi proof of income can be performed by more than one person, without the need for kinship. Bank statements of Individuals, Legal Entities or paycheck with FGTS statement are accepted for employees of private companies.

Once the documentation is submitted, the review takes place within a maximum of 3 business days. In the meantime, you prepare for the final steps of this walk:

5th Step

Mcredi sends a company to evaluate your property , withdraws the necessary certificates and issues your contract.

Oops! So you don’t trip over the asterisk either: Mcredi’s contract issuance deadline is among the fastest in the market, about 10 business days.

6th Step

You register the contract with the notary and your credit is released into a checking account .

Ready! Here is the time where money falls into your account and you can use it however you want. Easy, no?

So, how about going back to the first step, accessing the simulator and applying for your loan online at once?