Logical Pictures launches the 21 Content Ventures investment vehicle

Logical Pictures, based in Paris, a four-year company that has financed more than 20 films including “Revenge” and “Petrov”, is launching 21 Content Ventures, an investment fund dedicated to films and series with an international vocation.

Scheduled to launch in January, the investment fund will be capped at 100 million euros ($ 121.6 million) and is structured like an evergreen fund – meaning it is a open-ended fund with no termination date, allowing investors to exit 21 Content Ventures or change their investment in the fund. The portfolio will be valued annually based on the gross income of each security, and investors will receive an annual return of 4% to 6%. The minimum investment ticket to participate in 21 Content Ventures is € 100,000 ($ 121,640).

“Films, television series and documentaries have been in high demand in recent years, especially with the rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix, and the pandemic has accelerated this upward trend,” said Frédéric Fiore, president of Logical Pictures Group. He said the idea was to fund between 100 and 200 films over the next 8-10 years with a particular focus on international productions from Europe, the United States and Latin America.

“Each year, we receive more than 1,000 projects from all over the world and invest in ten of them. This deal flow, combined with our expertise in the financial structuring of films and series, are assets on which we will be able to capitalize with the launch of 21 Content Ventures ”, added Fiore.

The fund will be marketed with the support of Portzamparc, a subsidiary of the French banking group BNP Paribas, which will collect the funds raised and manage the subscription process.

Fiore said 21 Content Ventures could help independent filmmakers and producers thrive in the new landscape.

“As traditional sources of funding become scarce and windows to release shrink, independent cinema needs more private funding to launch projects and ensure that they retain some artistic freedom and flexibility throughout. throughout this process, ”Fiore said.

Eric Tavitian, who has produced and funded films such as “Incendies,” “Revenge,” and “Pleasure,” said the fund “can help filmmakers and producers develop and finance their projects without having to worry about s ‘they will be intended for cinemas or streaming services. . “

Tavitian said the evergreen structure is suitable for 21 Content Ventures because films and audiovisual content are often long-term investments that can gain value over time and generate profits after a period of time.

Fiore said part of the fund will be dedicated to debut feature films, as well as films with social, political and environmental themes. “These films can make an impact and hopefully mark our popular culture,” the executive said, pointing to “Swallow” and “Sympathy for the Devil”.

The fund will also seek to finance high-profile independent films with well-established filmmakers and actors with budgets between $ 14 million and $ 18 million.

Senior management at 21 Content Ventures will include Fiore as chairman; Tavitian as Director of Investments; Guillaume Lirondière as financial director; and Grace Adams as Legal Director. Adams previously held the position of Legal and Commercial Director at Studiocanal and Gaumont. Lirondière has worked for companies such as Gemini Films, Fidélité Films and Lincoln TV.

Logical Pictures is a shareholder in French sales company Pulsar Content, French genre distributor The Jokers Films, and also has an agreement with Los Angeles-based XYZ Films to manage North American rights and co-production on certain titles. .

Earlier this year, Logical Pictures also helped create Archipel Market, a community tool for sales agents and buyers who need a year-round film market.

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