Exploration of CEMEX Ventures’ investment portfolio

We further explore innovative companies in the CEMEX Ventures portfolio that play an important role in transforming construction and digitization around the world.

revealed some of CEMEX Ventures’ most exciting contech startups, including Jelp, Ipsum, SAALG Geomechanics and more. In Part 2, we’ll explore Arqlite, GoFor, Energy Vault, and more.

Remember, you have until July 26 to enter CEMEX Ventures’ annual construction startup competition. They are looking for innovative startups that will transform the construction industry as we know it today. More information can be found.


Arqlite is a producer of artificial gravel made from 100% recycled plastics. The company claims that “gravel” is ten times more effective for insulation, three times lighter than mineral gravel and enables the production of lightweight concrete with a low carbon footprint.

The innovative startup is the most recent addition to CEMEX Ventures’ portfolio and won last year’s Construction Startup Competition. Arqlite’s new plant in Santa Ana, California will reach a capacity of 18,000 tonnes per year.

Energy chest

This Idealab company has developed an innovative technological solution to store energy. Energy Vault can offer all the benefits of a gravity pumped hydroelectric system with a lower price, higher round trip efficiency, without the need for specific topographies and negative environmental or wildlife impacts.

CEMEX Ventures is supporting the rapid deployment of concrete block energy storage technology after investing in the company in May of last year. This supports CEMEX’s corporate R&D goals to achieve a carbon-free industrial footprint.

Find out how energy storage technology solves major challenges in renewables, which have struggled to replace fossil fuels due to a number of issues.



GoFor is designed to solve the challenge of delivering building materials. This construction technology startup provides reliable, affordable and fast on-demand delivery of goods to their customers and job sites, allowing customers to quickly execute through a highly intuitive platform and the right selection of delivery vehicle based on the requested load.

GoFor was founded four years ago, in 2016, and has grown in over 60 major markets in the United States and Canada, in part thanks to CEMEX Ventures’ investment in the company in September of the last year. Its latest promises to secure expansion into even more North American cities, as GoFor’s last mile logistics solution and other implementations continue to make their way across the continent.


This startup received an investment from CEMEX Ventures in April 2019. The company offers specialized software to optimize the delivery of goods.

The innovative solution for the challenge of supply chain management in industry enables full control of deliveries and vehicle in real time, which makes data-driven decision making as easy as possible and facilitates communication and information between all parties involved.

In the increasingly busy technological world of logistics, LINKX sets itself apart with its user-friendly interface, robustness and convenient integration, and customer focus.

Manufacturers X3

Founded just over a year ago, X3 Builders is a vertically integrated general contractor that provides clients with a one-stop solution for construction services, architectural design and material sourcing.

CEMEX Ventures invested in the innovative start-up in October 2019, and its employees have extensive experience that will help the company move forward with further development, including heavy use of automation.

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