Crypto can be a small part of one’s investment portfolio, says Dave Ramsey

Crypto can be a small part of one’s investment portfolio, says Dave Ramsey

Ramsey views crypto as a commodity that is going to be around for a long time.

As crypto adoption continues to gain momentum around the world, a growing number of investment experts are seriously considering digital assets as potential investment vehicles. For example, Dave Ramsey now says that cryptos can be a small part of his portfolio because he views digital currencies as commodities that aren’t going away any time soon.

Ramsey Solutions CEO Dave Ramsey shared his views on Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business on Tuesday. The personal finance guru was also promoting his new book called ‘Baby Steps Millionaires’.

During the interview, the finance guru was asked if he was against investing in crypto. “I know you warned against crypto. You call it a get-rich-quick investment. Are you telling us that we are not exposed to crypto? Bartiromo asked Ramsey, according to

However, Ramsey explained that he was not totally against such an investment. “No, as long as the exposure is money you can afford to lose, whatever you want to do with it,” he replied.

He warned investors that it was probably best not to take out loans or use their retirement to get into crypto. “We have people mortgaging their homes,” the author added. “We have people withdrawing their retirement from their 401k and pouring it into crypto like it’s a proven process for building wealth. It’s just not a proven process.

He also expressed his confidence in the long-term viability of crypto. “It’s a commodity,” Ramsey explained. “Is it going to be around? Sure, it’ll be around.

The investment expert also warned that people should probably make crypto a small part of their portfolios. “I think it’s pretty fun,” he said. “I like to watch this and all that. But, it’s an anomaly on the side. It shouldn’t be a big part of a personal financial plan to build wealth. It could be a small part – for entertainment.

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