Bit2Me launches Spanish investment vehicle specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Bit2Me has launched an investment vehicle with a particular focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This was announced on their official website, with a statement in which the first words were: “Watch out, we are looking for projects to invest in!

Bit2Me said they know firsthand the difficulties of starting a startup and the importance of financial support to get the project off the ground. For this reason, they propose to support the growth process with the launch of Bit2Me Capital.

Bit2Me Capital has been specially designed for pre-seed, seed and Series A startups. They invest in companies that develop new cryptocurrencies and tokens, algorithms, smart contracts, mining, liquidity pools, DAO, DeFi, NFT protocols.

Bit2Me Capital also invests in blockchain and fintech companies and startups, either because they are closely related to cryptocurrencies, or because they offer technological infrastructures potentially adaptable to the blockchain ecosystem.

Koh Onozawa Bit2Me Vice President of Bit2Me Expansion said: “We like entrepreneurs who believe in their ideas and devote as much time as possible to their startup. “

Bit2Me seeks to promote the success of new entrepreneurs by supporting them in six resources that they consider fundamental: Know-how, Network of contacts, Network of clients, Financing, Human resources, Partnerships and strategic agreements.

We are a strategic ally and support the largest portfolio of startup investments in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Our goal is to support the best teams by providing capital throughout the startup lifecycle, connecting them to our network, and using our know-how to help businesses grow and scale.“, added Onozawa.

Bit2Me has struck deal with Casemiro’s gaming team to boost Twitch channel

Case Esports is made up of five professional players and its members participate in international Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournaments.

Case Esports, professional footballer Casemiro’s gaming team, and the Bit2Me platform have reached an agreement whereby the cryptocurrency suite of services will sponsor the Casemiro team’s Twitch channel.

Bit2Me said interest in Bitcoin continues to grow and they have noticed the adoption trend, with its registered users growing nearly 400% in 2020 (compared to 2019) and transaction volume increasing by 300%.

On the other hand, with this sponsorship, Case Esports would increase the muscle of the team founded by the footballer at the end of last year, improving synergies and increasing its financial capacity to compete at the highest level in CS: GO ( Counter-Strike Global Offensive), the video game in which the Casemiro team specializes.

The deal extends to Twitch, the audiovisual space for streaming game content around the world.

Case Esports is currently made up of five professional players, although team management are planning to expand the squad in the near future. Its members participate in the international “Counter-Strike Global Offensive” tournaments.

From the start, the players have technological infrastructures adapted to their training and championships and, in addition, they have a technical team made up of sports professionals who boost their performance and efficiency so that they are at the level of the best teams. on the continent.

Onozawa commented: “We should not be afraid of a fairer and more transparent currency. Cryptocurrencies are based on a system in which every transaction is reflected“.

Bit2Me has launched an offer related to this action with Case Esports in which they offer five euros as a gift to those who register on the platform and buy 100 euros or more in any of the 49 cryptocurrencies on offer.

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