AIQ Limited drops out on return of suspension as investment vehicle completes acquisition

(), the investment vehicle, returned from suspension down 36% to 17.5p after completing an acquisition.

The company, which focuses on acquisitions in the e-commerce sector, has acquired Alchemist Codes, an information technology (IT) solutions developer incorporated in Malaysia, for around £ 2.3million, to satisfy by issuing shares worth 17.8 pence. .

Alchemist Codes has two main lines of business: an IT consulting company, which provides custom software, website and application development for clients, and an e-commerce reimbursement solution, OCTAPLUS, which operates Proprietary data analysis tools, including artificial intelligence technology, for user targeting.

9:30 am: Billing Services agrees to pay a special dividend

Limited () saw its shares rise 9.7% to 3.4p at the start of trading on Thursday as it went against the modern trend and announced a special dividend.

The provider of telecommunications clearing and settlement products and auditing services recently completed the sale of BSG Wireless Limited to Single Digits Connection and at that time committed to returning money to shareholders.

He intends to pay $ 4.8 million, which works out to about 2.91 US cents per share.

Meanwhile, () rose 8.8% to 9.25p after its full year results, continuing the strong run this week.

The ultrasound artificial intelligence simulation and software company saw its shares increase yesterday after it announced the launch of a coronavirus (COVID-19) training module for its BodyWorks ultrasound simulator.

Shares rose again today after the company, which has a market capitalization of £ 18.7million, revealed that it currently has cash on hand of around £ 6.2million. The pre-tax loss in 2019 widened to £ 4.56m from £ 3.62m in 2018, mainly reflecting an increase in administrative expenses.

Proactive News Headlines:

() raised around £ 1.2 million through a subscription for shares of Ox Distributing, its main distribution partner in the United States. The cannabidiol (CBD) maker said Ox had subscribed for around 23.7 million new shares at a price of 5 pence each, the same as Wednesday’s closing price.

() said it has signed a licensing agreement with an anonymous Chinese specialty pharmaceutical company that will develop the UK company’s FLT3 + Aurora kinase portfolio, including SAR-20293, a preclinical drug candidate for acute myeloid leukemia and others blood-borne cancers. The AIM-registered group will receive £ 50,000 upfront and another £ 900,000 milestone payment linked to oral bioavailability – the drug’s ability to reach the therapeutic area after being taken orally.

() said it had raised US $ 5 million in debt financing for its gold mining projects in South Korea. Discussions are underway with the lender on the loans that will be reimbursed by production from the Gobang and Kochang mines. As an interim financing measure, Bluebird borrowed £ 200,000 from investors until funding for the projects was received.

(LON: BOE) acquired new acreage in Georgia, taking over two areas owned by Schlumberger for no initial cash consideration. Instead, Schlumberger will be granted options on Block Energy shares – 120 million shares, or 23.3% of the company, attributing a base transaction value of approximately US $ 6 million.

() received the first dividends from its wholly owned Turkish operating subsidiary Galata Madencilik after the Kiziltepe gold mine started generating cash and profit. A total of £ 1.6million has been transferred to Ariana.

() will take a 29% stake in AqualnSilico, a software company developing tools to optimize wastewater treatment in several industries. The IP investor said that AquaInSilico, a spin-off company of NOVA University in Portugal, has developed sophisticated algorithms to help detect possible problems with treatment processes before they can be diagnosed by humans.

The holding company of () Lucyd, a developer of ‘smart glasses’, has filed a new patent and trademark on its upcoming Vyrb app. The Vyrb app will allow users to activate “a world of smartphone actions” with their voice in moments, including posting to social media. By using the app with Lucyd Bluetooth glasses, the user can spend less time looking at their phone and focus more on the real world. Lucyd plans to launch the app in December 2020.

() has released a helpful step-by-step guide that will help mitigate security risks for businesses with employees working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown. It is based on the advice it provides to clients listed on the FTSE-100.

(LON: AAZ said it is monitoring the coronavirus situation as it evolves and is implementing precautionary measures to keep its employees safe and ensure the sustainability of its business. In a statement, Anglo Asian noted that it continues to produce gold from its operations in Azerbaijan for the time being.

() told investors that it plans to continue drilling the Chinook prospect, in Trinidad, unless it becomes “absolutely necessary” to suspend operations due to the coronavirus (Covid-19). Operationally, the company is focused on delivering the Coho and Cascadura discovery wells – which will dramatically increase production volumes – and on the Chinook drilling, which is the third well on the Ortoire block.

() told investors that its new Beetaloo shale well in Australia will be suspended ahead of hydraulic fracturing as the operator responds to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The explorer quoted by AIM, in a statement, said its partner Origin Energy had signed up to the Northern Territory and federal government advice on health and safety and social distancing.

() said it continues to make good progress in the licensing process for its CS Pozzolan-Perlite project in Nevada, United States. Currently, all Sunrise staff work from home, which does not and should not have a negative effect on the business of the company.

(NYSEAMERICAN: CMCL) () (TSE: CAL) said he was confident he could manage the likely ripple effects on his Blanket gold mine in Zimbabwe from the 21-day shutdown in South Africa due to the coronavirus pandemic. The supply chain for sourcing a significant portion of mining consumables and capital goods for the Blanket mine is sourced from South Africa. However, the company does not expect an interruption in its gold production.

() said its business was immediately affected by the government’s decision to order the temporary closure of all UK restaurants. The tech company, which helps restaurants fill tables during less busy times, said its Manchester team had been put on leave to save money and the company was therefore eligible for government assistance. BigDish’s technical and sales support teams in the Philippines work from home. Technological development continues and no significant effect on this aspect of this activity is currently envisaged. The team all agreed to voluntary pay cuts during this time.

Impax Environmental Markets PLC (LON: IEM) said that, due to emergency measures implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which include restrictions on gatherings of more than two people and the expected delay of the company’s annual general meeting, its board of directors decided to pay this year’s dividend as an interim dividend, rather than as a final dividend requiring shareholder approval at the time of the annual general meeting. Consequently, the company will pay an interim dividend for the 2019 financial year of 3.0p per ordinary share on April 24, 2020 to the shareholders registered in the register on April 3, 2020, with an ex-date of April 2, 2020. This dividend is at the same level as that paid for the previous year.

(), the AIM-listed investor in natural resources opportunities, announced that on March 25, 2020, its managing director, Michael McNeilly, purchased 1,250,000 common shares of the company on the market, at a price of 0.99 pence each, for a total consideration of £ 12,375. Following this purchase, the group noted, McNeilly is interested in a total of 5,247,733 Ordinary Shares, representing 0.34% of the issued share capital of the Company.

Location Sciences PLC (), the leading location data verification company, said it has agreed to issue warrants to subscribe, in total, to 74,286,667 new common shares at an exercise price of 0 , 1 p each. He said the warrants will be issued to all who participate in the offering with an issue price of 0.875 pence per share to raise around £ 0.975million announced by the company on March 6, 2020. If all of the warrants subscription are exercised, the gross proceeds receivable by the company would be £ 74,287, bringing the total value of the fundraising, including the proceeds of the offering, to around £ 1.0million, the group said. . Mark Slade, CEO of Location Sciences, commented: “The impact of COVID-19 on financial markets has been profound, causing our share price to fall well below the issue price and, as a result, , we had to try to balance the interests of Placees with what is best for the company. “

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